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History of the Carroll Manor Fire Co.
The Carroll Manor Fire Company, Incorporated has been in existence since October 1953 at 2795 Adams Street, Adamstown, Maryland. The Ladies Auxiliary was chartered the following year. Carroll Manor has stayed at the same location after the fire house was completed in June 1954. Two more bays were added in 1979 to hold additional equipment. In 1965, Carroll Manor purchased the Old Carroll Manor school house and surrounding property from the county. Additional acreage behind the school was purchased in 1979.
Clark B. Gibson was the Company’s first president and James Houff was the first Fire Chief. The first engine, a 1937 Seagrave, was purchased from the Independent Hose Company. Later, Merritt Lockwood, one of the Company’s Directors, donated a 1947 International chassis and tank truck (Tanker – 14). The kind donation of C.E. Cline and Son put an Oldsmobile ambulance in service in 1955. Through community support and fund raisers this equipment has since been replaced.
- 1996 -
A taxing district was established to provide for two career personnel and assist in purchasing of equipment and apparatus. The career personnel work Monday through Friday during the hours of 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. to supplement the volunteers.
Through many hours of hard work by dedicated members, and the communities support, Carroll Manor Fire Company was able to purchase a heavy duty rescue squad / pumper to replace the medium duty rescue squad. The new heavy duty squad carries 500 feet of 5″ hose, 800 feet of 3″ supply lines, a 30′ Light Tower and Thermal Imager. The rescue squad has the capabilities of providing foam at the rate of 1,400 G.P.M. through the around the pump foam proportioner, or 1,250 G.P.M. through hose-lines, as well as supplying three rescue tools at the same time.
- 1997 -
Utilizing funds through the taxing district, Ambulance 149 was placed in service.
- 1998 -
A respond group was organized to proved opportunities for children 6-15 to help the community and to learn about fire and injury prevention techniques.
- 1999 -
The Ladies Auxiliary of the Carroll Manor Fire Company donated a VISION Three Thermal Imaging Camera. This Thermal Imager was the first of its kind in Frederick County as well as one of the first in the State of Maryland. A Thermal Imager allows firefighters to search smoke-filled rooms quicker to find people and it can be used to find missing people at night in the wood.
During the Maryland State Volunteer Fireman’s Association Convention held in Ocean City, Maryland, the Carroll Manor Fire Company was awarded first place in its division for the Fire Prevention programs. The company came in six overall for Fire Prevention presentations in the State.
The Carroll Manor Fire Company Board of Directors purchased a tandem axle trailer for the fire prevention committee to put their Fire and Injury Prevention building on. This enabled the building to service the community in an easier fashion.
- 2001 -
Our Point of Rocks Station 28 opened and was dedicated on April 29, 2001. Dedicated volunteers staff the apparatus and are always looking for new members. Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. career personnel supplement the volunteers.
The station is located at the intersection of Ballenger Creek Pike and Route 464 in Frederick County. This station has a kitchen, lounge, bunkroom, workout room, offices and four drive through bays..
- 2003 -
Carroll Manor Fire Company celebrated its 50 year Anniversary on October 19, 2003.
- 2004 -
We put into service Quint 14, our 105 foot ladder truck on 4/24/04.
- 2007 -
On Feb. 2nd, Canteen 14 is placed in service. Carroll Manor Fire Company is the first company in Frederick county to officially offer dedicated canteen service for responders.
On August 11th Carroll Manor’s Carnival grounds were dedicated to the memory of Mr. Walter Page. Mr. Page was a great friend of the fire company and for decades looked after the carnival grounds. Mr. Page passed away in 1998 and is missed by everyone in the community. Mr. Page’s only son spoke at the dedication and fondly recalled the role his father played in the history of the Carroll Manor Fire Company. He was a great man and a great friend to all that knew him.
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