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What's involved in becoming an operational volunteer?

Operational Membership (Volunteer Firefighters and EMTs)

Extinguishing structure fires, saving entrapped vehicle passengers, executing complex trail and river rescues, and rendering lifesaving medical aid to those in need are only a few of the many exciting, challenging, and rewarding services provided by the volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) at Carroll Manor Fire Company (CMFC).   CMFC is currently seeking motivated and dedicated operational members to join our team and experience the excitement, camaraderie, and satisfaction of serving as a volunteer first responder. 

No previous fire and rescue experience is required, and all training and gear is provided free of charge upon acceptance as a CMFC operational member.

Once qualified as a firefighter and/or EMT, operational members are encouraged to participate in at least 6 hours of operational activities per month. Operational activities include: in-station standbys, emergency responses, training/drills, and community outreach events. 

Volunteer Firefighter Requirements

Volunteer EMT Requirements

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